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United Against Dementia

Michael and Monia are raising funds to help fight Dementia and Alzheimer diseases.

Until the day we find a cure, we will create a society where those affected by dementia are supported and accepted, able to live in their community without fear or prejudice.

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 “Trek for loved ones, and raise money so together we can find a cure”


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Sterling Standard Care Group Registered Manager, Michael Akinyemi,  stated that

“In delivering our care commitment to our wider community, we enhance the health, wellbeing and growth of those that with us, work for us, and those we work for.  We care about our company members’ development both in and out of work. We understand everyone within our community has different needs as such we have carefully crafted Sterling Standard services to meet those individual needs and that of their family” as a result of this, Michael Akinyemi is delighted to report that the company came through their inspection in flying colors with exceptional response/feedback from services users, carer and health professionals. “Our overall rating of “Good” demonstrate the hard work and relentless effort from our staffs.

CQC inspection is centered on five key line of enquirers:

  • Is the service safe
  • Is the service effective
  • Is the service caring
  • Is the responsive
  • Is the service well-led


As one of the founders of Sterling Standard Care Group, Michael Akinyemi has always set his vision of making Sterling Standard the leading provider of high quality home care services that focus on people’s safety, need, lifestyle and that respect people as an individual so he was very proud to read the exceptional assessment of how Safe our service is

The CQC inspector concluded that Care workers had received safeguarding training and documentation confirmed this. Care workers we spoke with were clear about the importance of their role in safeguarding people and said if they had concerns about people’s safety they would report their concerns immediately to the registered manager. They were confident that management would respond to their concerns immediately.

Among the great comments received, some of the relatives told CQC inspector that “we are satisfied with the level of care we received. I have been treated with respect and felt safe with the support received from care workers”. Another relatives stated that

I am confident people are safe when being cared for by care workers”.

“Staff had been recruited safely. They underwent appropriate recruitment checks before they could commence work at the service. This ensured they were suitable to provide people’s care”.

People who used the service told us they felt safe in the presence of care workers. One person said, “I am really pleased. I trust whatever room they go in. I feel very safe around them.” Another person told us, “I feel safe. I have no concerns.” Relatives we spoke with confirmed this. One relative told us, “I am very confident [my relative] is safe.” Another relative said, “The care is good. [My relative] is safe.”

One key aspect of Michael’s approach is that newly employed staff received training and an induction to the service. They also shadowed their more experienced colleagues before they started supporting people independently.