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Reablement/Post-hospital Discharge Care at the first rate service with Sterling Standard Care Group

How our Reablement/Post-hospital Discharge Care services help?

No one envisage suffering a knock-back in life due to illness or unforeseen accident or injury  that threatens our activities of daily living or our lives. Also returning home subsequent to being hospitalised can be daunting for anyone, particularly where there is loss of physical strength or self-confidence in their capabilities to carry out things they used to do for themselves.

As a result of this, Sterling Standard set an objective towards supporting our reablement service users by providing a service that is positive and beneficial towards their independence, supporting our service users in rebuilding or developing their self-esteem so as for them to be able to support themselves with tasks of daily living in the course of time

Why choose Reablement/Post-hospital Discharge Care at Sterling Standard Care Group?

Our trained reablement teams support people of all ages and needs to regain their skills and confidence at home, reducing or removing all together the need for ongoing care. Our reablement service and care provision is set-up in a person-centered manner and developed on measurable goals and constructive outcome.

As a learning organization, our reablement team are constantly trained to understand the importance of supporting our service users under reablement to attain their goals. We design our services and associated processes such that our service users receives the highest possible standards of care within the comfort and independence of own home.

What people say about our Reablement/Post-hospital Discharge Care?

Mr. JS is speaking about Sterling Standard Care Group
Mr. JS

"I am very grateful for the support am receiving from Sterling Standard. A lovely and considerate team."

Mrs. ED is speaking about Sterling Standard Care Group
Mrs. ED

"Sterling Standard carers are highly professional and they treat me with respect"

Mrs M. M is speaking about Sterling Standard Care Group
Mrs. M. M

"I got a special treat from my carer on mothers day, she prepared me something special, she is so loving"

Mrs M. M is speaking about Sterling Standard Care Group
Mrs. M. M

"I have a special connection with the registered manager, he is very loving and caring"

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